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Collage Puppets


Students will explore lines, marks, and shapes with oil pastels. They will draw an imaginary animal with oil pastels, focusing on special features. Students will then create a collage animal puppet. Students will design their imaginary characters and think about their animal’s emotions. Students will build on their social and emotional learning by thinking about what their puppets like and why their puppets feel specific emotions.

Grade Level



Drawing, Collage, Puppetry

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  • Teaching Tools


Materials and Tools

  • Ebony pencils
  • White drawing paper 
  • White pencils
  • Black paper
  • Oil pastels
  • Construction paper 
  • Shiny paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint stirrers
  • Fasteners


Photos of animals

Collage animals by Eric Carle


Collage Puppets

Written by Cynthia Chen, Artist Instructor

Studio in a School NYC Team
Belinda Blum, Artist Instructor
Andrea Burgay, Associate Director
Julie Applebaum, Senior Director
Hasna Muhammad, Ed.D., Chair, Board of Directors, Studio in a School Association
Alison Scott-Williams, President, Studio in a School NYC

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