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Everyone Can Paint

Unlock the vibrant world of painting with our curated collection of popular lessons and units, designed to inspire artists of all ages. Our painting lessons begin with the foundations, exploring marks, lines, brushstrokes, and color mixing—skills that will give students a wide range of ways to express themselves. Start exploring today! 

Our Painting Foundation Lessons: 

Line Exploration

Explore different ways of holding and moving a paintbrush to create a variety of marks and lines.

Color Mixing

Mix the primary colors to create the secondary colors and paint geometric and freeform shapes.  

Mixing Tints and Browns

Practice mixing a wide range of secondary colors, tints, and browns. 

Practice Drawing with Daily Sketch Prompts

Hone in on your drawing skills with various prompts to ignite creativity and build drawing skills.

Painting with Early Childhood 

Painting with Tempera

Explore making marks, lines, and mixing colors with tempera paint.

Exploring Color

Explore colors and mark-making techniques using different materials.

Painting with Watercolors

Explore different ways to paint with watercolors.

The more I paint the more I like everything.”

– Jean-Michel Basquiat


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