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Lesson 5: Assembling Collage Puppets


We will create collage puppets, cutting shapes for the body and attaching moving parts with fasteners.

Grade Level



Drawing, Collage, Puppetry

  • Unit & Lessons


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Fasteners


Step 1

Demonstrate cutting shapes for the head and torso, then legs, wings, or tails. Show how to attach moving parts with fasteners and glue the rest.

Step 2

Have students cut shapes and arrange them.

Step 3

Assist students with fastening moving parts, then have them glue other parts.

Step 4

Demonstrate, then have students create facial expressions for puppets, adding shapes to make the ears, nose, and mouth.


Students will reflect on their work by looking at their puppets and thinking about different ways they can move. 

Create three different poses for your puppet. Brainstorm some words to describe the different poses. (Examples: running, jumping, flying, attacking, standing, sitting, sleeping, playing, walking)

Writing Prompt (optional):

Students will reflect on their work by writing about one pose they made for their animal. Use the following sentence starter if necessary: 

I posed my animal so it looks like it is  _________.        


Puppet, facial expression, action pose