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Lesson 1: Drawing Lines and Shapes (Collage Puppets)


We will explore drawing different kinds of lines and shapes using Ebony pencils.

Grade Level



Paper and Ebony pencils

Theme/ Big Idea

Artists make drawings using both observation and imagination. Artists also use observations to inspire ideas for imaginary drawings.

Essential Question

How can I use my pencil in different ways to draw and respond to what I see? How can I use lines, shapes, textures and details observed in natural objects and plants to create my own imaginary plant?

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Case Studies


  • Ebony pencils
  • White drawing paper – 9 x 12″


Step 1

Talk about and demonstrate drawing different kinds of lines with an Ebony pencil. Show students how to draw thick and thin lines.

Step 2

Have students explore pencils and draw different lines.

Step 3

Discuss and demonstrate drawing shapes that students already know. Share that these are geometric shapes. Demonstrate what happens when different kinds of lines close and make organic shapes.

Step 4

Have students draw geometric and organic shapes, then invent their own shapes using different kinds of lines.


Students will reflect on their work by talking about the shape in their drawing.  

What kind of shape is it? 
Where did you draw it on your paper? 
What objects do you know that are the same shape?

Writing Prompt (optional):

Students will write 2-3 sentence that tell what kind of shapes they drew and where they drew them on their paper. Use the following sentence starter if necessary:

  • I drew a ________ shape. It is _______of my paper. 

oval               at the top

circle             in the middle

triangle         at the bottom

square          in the corner



Lines: straight, diagonal, zigzag, loopy, wavy, dotted, light, heavy

Shapes: square, rectangle, circle, semicircle, oval, triangle, geometric, organic, pear, zigzag


Line chart

Geometric shape chart

Organic shape chart