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Everyone Can Draw

Discover the joy of drawing with our curated collection of popular lessons and units, designed to inspire artists of all ages. From our youngest pre-K learners to aspiring high school artists and adults, our lessons cater to every stage of artistic development. Explore drawing tools, develop essential techniques, and learn how to infuse your personal vision and perspective into your drawings of plants, landscapes, animals, and more. Start exploring today! 

Our Most Popular Drawing Lessons

Drawing Plants

Look closely at a plant and draw the lines and shapes that you see. (Pre-K)

Light and Shadow

Learn about light and shadow, then create, change and draw your own shadows.

Drawing Animals

Identify and draw the shapes, colors, and textures of different animals.

Landscapes: Vision and Verse

Make sketches of landscapes inspired by Chinese landscape paintings, photos, or personal memories.

Expressing Emotions: Käthe Kollwitz

Explore expressing and conveying emotions, drawing inspiration from the work of Käthe Kollwitz.

Capturing Weather

Use lines, textures, and shades to describe different weather.

Drawing with Daily Sketches

Explore drawing with various prompts to ignite creativity and build drawing skills.

Go Deeper with our Drawing Units

Exploring Line and Shape

Explore line, shape, color, and pattern, through art making and close observation of works of art. 

Drawing Imaginary Plants

Explore drawing the lines, shapes, and textures of different plants as inspiration for your own imaginary plant.

Still Life Drawing

Learn how to use composition, scale, and value to create still life drawings. (Middle/ High School)

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk

– Paul Klee


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