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Case Studies

See our multi-lesson units unfold in the classroom with young artists and Studio in a School Artist Instructors.


Imaginary Plants with Artist Instructor Traci Talasco

In this Unit, Traci and her class explore line and shape, discover oil pastels, learn to draw natural objects and plants from observation and then use their new skills to draw their own imaginary plants.


Puppetry with Artist Instructor Belinda Blum

In this Unit, Belinda and her class explore facial features and draw imaginary portraits, invent characters to explore emotions and then create paper clay puppet heads and learn about constructing cardboard bodies and paper relief clothing.


Hidden Voices with Noel Caban

In this Unit, Noel and his students look at artworks created by American Artists with Disabilities that show a range of approaches to portraiture. Students then create a collagraph print of a person they admire, conveying their individuality through pose, expression, and details.