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Lesson 8: Finishing Murals


We will finish placing and adding all animals, habitat features, and text borders to our mural. Students will be able to continue to work collaboratively to complete their mural.

Grade Level



Drawing, Collage, Painting

  • Unit & Lessons


  • Habitat background
  • Animal and habitat feature collages
  • Border text collages
  • Colored paper cut into rectangular strips
  • Additional colored paper
  • Black paper – 9 x 12”
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Oil pastels (optional; can be used instead of collage)


Step 1

Divide students into groups, if needed.

Step 2

Have students continue to make and add animals, features, and border.


Students will talk and write about the mural in progress.

How has the mural changed?
What words do you see in the border?
What do you want viewers who see this mural to know about it?

Sketchbook Prompt (Optional):

Draw your favorite part of making the mural. 

What materials did you use?
How did you use them?


Collaborate, border