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Lesson 8: Collage Elements for Collaborative Mural


We will make small collaged elements to go with our imaginary animals. Students will be able to identify elements of animal and insect habitats and collage these.

Grade Level



Printmaking, Drawing, Collage, Mural

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  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue in cups
  • Brushes


Step 1

Revisit reflection writing and discuss where animals and insects live.

Step 2

Demonstrate using collage to make different parts of habitats, such as plants, caves, rocks, houses, etc.

Step 3

Have students make collaged habitat elements and finish printing, if needed.


Students will turn and talk with a partner about their imaginary animal as a character. Students can look at and refer to their prints while they talk, using the following prompts:

What is your animal’s name?
Where does your animal live?
What does your animal like to do?

Writing Prompt (optional):

Students will start developing a story about their animal, answering the following prompts:

My animal’s name is _______.
My animal lives in ________.
My animal likes to _________.

Sketchbook Prompt (optional):

Students will make a detailed drawing of their animal in their environment/habitat.


Habitat, collage, printmaking


Photos of habitats