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Lesson 8: Adding Texture and Details


We will use clay tools to add facial features, textures, or patterns to our imaginary pets. Students will be able to identify and add specific details, texture, and patterns to their sculptures.

Grade Level



Drawing, Clay, Sculpture

  • Unit & Lessons
  • Teaching Tools


  • Clay sculptures
  • Foam trays
  • Clay tools
  • Plastic forks
  • Damp sponges
  • Resource: animal photos, clay sculptures by Picasso


Step 1

Look at example artwork and animal photos. Notice and list possible details, textures, and patterns.

Step 2

Demonstrate making details, textures, and patterns. Make these elements with different tools and by pinching and pulling.

Step 3

Have students explore clay methods to make details, textures, and/or patterns.


  • What details did you add to your imaginary pet’s sculpture today? Why did you choose them??
  • Can you describe one detail, texture, or pattern you added to your sculpture and how you made it?
  • How do the details and textures you added to your sculpture reflect the personality or character of your imaginary pet?


Face, pattern, details


Photos of animals

Pablo Picasso, Wood Owl (Chouette), 1968, painted earthenware
Pablo Picasso, Two-Headed Vase with Faun’s Head and an Owl, 1961, painted earthenware