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Lesson 7: Collagraph Printing


We will print our collagraph plates. Two students will print at a time. Students will be able to follow steps to begin printing their collagraph plates.

Grade Level



Printmaking, Drawing, Collage, Mural

  • Unit & Lessons
  • Teaching Tools


  • Brayer
  • Block printing ink
  • Trays
  • Colored paper 


Step 1

Demonstrate printing process again and discuss procedure for class printing: two students at a time with an adult.

Step 2

Have students take turns printing.

Step 3

Have students who are not printing draw a picture of their imaginary animal in a habitat (desert, Arctic, rainforest, grasslands, etc.).


Teacher will read aloud the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni while students follow along in their own copy. Stop on some pages to discuss the habitat in the story, as well as connections to students’ own artmaking.

Writing Prompt (optional):

Students will write down ideas about their animal’s habitat or environment, using the following prompts:

What is the weather where your animal lives?
Is the place hot or cold?
Does your animal live in a jungle, forest, desert, ocean, or city, etc.?

Sketchbook Prompt (optional):

Students will imagine a habitat or environment for their animal and sketch two different ideas in their sketchbooks.


Habitat, brayer, ink, printmaking


Photos of habitats

Swimmy by Leo Lionni