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Lesson 6: Collagraph Animals and Insects (Details)


We will cut and glue small shapes to make the details for our animals. Students will be able to identify and add details to their imaginary animal.

Grade Level



Printmaking, Drawing, Collage, Mural

  • Unit & Lessons


  • Colored cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue in cups
  • Brushes


Step 1

Brainstorm details of animals as a group.

Step 2

Have students plan at least two details to add to their animal, such as eyes, ears, nose, claws, fur, spots, or fins.

Step 3

Demonstrate cutting and layering small shapes to make details. Let students know not to layer more than two shapes for printing.

Step 4

Have students cut, arrange, and glue details to their animal.


Students will turn and talk with a partner about how they made their printing plates, using the following sentence starters if necessary:

First, I _______.
Then, I _______.
Finally, I _______.

Writing Prompt (Optional):

Students will write the steps of their process in their sketchbooks.

First, I _______.
Then, I _______.
Finally, I _______.


Printmaking, animal body part words: fur, fins, claws, antenna