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Lesson 4: Paper Mâché


We will use paper mâché to build our sculptures.

Grade Level



Paper Mâché, Sculpture

  • Unit & Lessons


  • Newspaper strips
  • Art paste
  • Buckets
  • Garbage bags


Step 1

Discuss how paper mâché works.

Step 2

Demonstrate adding newspaper strips dipped in art paste onto armature. Proceed one layer at a time and overlap and cross pieces. Show how to squeeze excess paste off each strip.

Step 3

Have students add one complete layer of paper mâché to their armature.


The class will discuss their paper mâché experience. The teacher will take notes on large paper.

How did we paper mâché our puppets?

First, we ____________________.

Next, we ____________________.

Then, we ____________________.

Lastly, we ___________________.

What does paper mâché feel like?
What problems did you have using paper mâché?
What did you like about using paper mâché?

Writing Prompt (Optional):

Paper mâché feels like  __________________.

Paper mâché looks like __________________.

Paper mâché smells like _________________.

Paper mâché reminds me of ______________.


Paper mâché, smooth, overlap, armature, sphere, cone, form, shape, three-dimensional, two-dimensional