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Lesson 1: Lines and Imaginary Shapes


We will use Ebony drawing pencils to create an abstract composition. Students will be able to create a variety of marks, lines, and imaginary shapes.

Grade Level



Drawing, Clay, Sculpture

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  • Ebony pencils
  • White drawing paper – 12 x 18″


Step 1

Introduce Ebony pencils. Explore how these are different from #2 pencils.

Step 2

Demonstrate using Ebony pencils to make marks. Marks can be thick, thin, straight, curly, bumpy, wavy, zigzag, spiral, dotted, or broken.

Step 3

Show what happens when a line closes and explore drawing imaginary shapes.

Step 4

Have students explore drawing different marks, lines, and shapes. Have students think about where they will place the marks on their paper.


Students will have a group reflection about lines and marks as they relate to imaginary pets. They will discuss what these marks remind them of.


Mark, imaginary shapes, composition, line (curly, bumpy, wavy, zigzag, spiral dotted, broken)


Line chart