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Lesson 1: Lines and Imaginary Shapes


We will use Ebony drawing pencils to create an abstract composition. Students will be able to create a variety of marks, lines, and imaginary shapes.

Grade Level



Drawing, Clay, Sculpture

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  • Ebony pencils
  • White drawing paper – 12 x 18″


Step 1

Introduce Ebony pencils. Explore how these are different from #2 pencils.

Step 2

Demonstrate using Ebony pencils to make marks. Marks can be thick, thin, straight, curly, bumpy, wavy, zigzag, spiral, dotted, or broken.

Step 3

Show what happens when a line closes and explore drawing imaginary shapes.

Step 4

Have students explore drawing different marks, lines, and shapes. Have students think about where they will place the marks on their paper.


  • What was your favorite mark, line, or shape that you created with the Ebony drawing pencils?
  • Can you describe one thing you learned about using Ebony pencils that you didn’t know before?


Mark, imaginary shapes, composition, line (curly, bumpy, wavy, zigzag, spiral dotted, broken)


Line chart