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Lesson 2: Sketching Imaginary Pets


We will look at reference photos of different animals and make sketches of imaginary pets. Students will be able to interpret the lines and shapes needed to draw their imaginary pets.

Grade Level



Drawing, Clay, Sculpture

  • Unit & Lessons
  • Teaching Tools


  • Ebony drawing pencils
  • Drawing paper – 12 x 18″, folded in half
  • Resource: photos of animals


Step 1

Show reference photos and have students notice the lines, shapes, and textures.

Step 2

Demonstrate drawing one part at a time while looking at the image.

Step 3

Have students fold their paper in half so they can make two drawings. Have students choose an image to work with. Encourage students to work slowly and continue to look back at their reference.


  • What animal did you choose to sketch for your imaginary pet, and why did you choose it?
  • How did looking at the reference photos help you to draw your imaginary pet?
  • What lines and shapes did you notice in the reference photos that you used in your drawing?


Imaginary pet, unique features, texture, details


Photos of animals