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Drawing Plants from Around the World


Students will choose and draw a plant from around the world that inspires them, using oil pastels.

Grade Level

2 & 3


Drawing / Oil Pastels


Imaginary Plants

Big Idea

Artists are inspired by the world around them.

Essential Question

How is drawing from imagination different than drawing from observation?

  • Teaching Tools

Case Studies

Materials and Tools

  • Oil Pastels
  • 9 x 12″ white drawing paper


Step 1

Students will choose a plant that inspires them and make a drawing.

Step 2

Students will decide on the composition and how much of the plant they want to draw on the page, starting with the largest shapes.

Step 3

Students will add small shapes, details, and visual texture to their drawing.

Reflection Questions for Discussion

  • What did you notice about your plant?
  • What new details did you discover about your plant while you were drawing?
  • How is this plant different from other plants that you’ve seen? 
  • How did you draw your plant’s distinctive characteristics?


Distinct characteristic, composition, reference photo


Photos of Plants from Around the World


Drawing Plants from Around the World

Written by Traci Talasco and Belinda Blum, Artist Instructors, with support from Julie Applebaum, Senior Director, Studio in a School NYC 

Hasna Muhammad, Ed.D., Chair, Board of Directors, Studio in a School Association 
Alison Scott-Williams, President, Studio in a School NYC 

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