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Landscapes and Cityscapes: Real and Imagined

Artwork by Heaven, 5th grade student at P.S. 145, Studio Artist Instructor: Susan Conte

In this post, you’ll find lessons and activities that focus on landscapes and cityscapes, both real and imagined.

The word “landscape” means outdoor view—a landscape can be a city, a beach, a mountain, a house, a tent, or anything in between. Introducing children to landscape art is not just about teaching them how to paint or draw a particular place, it’s about encouraging them to see the world in their own way and to think about the shapes and colors in the world around them. Hands-on exploration of materials is integral to this process, because it uses the imagination and builds observational skills. By experimenting with various mediums and techniques, children not only broaden their artistic horizons but also develop their own visual language.

Imaginary Landscapes
Explore how landscapes can convey thoughts and emotions, drawing inspiration from contemporary artist Shara Hughes as you paint your own imaginary landscape.

Landscape: Vision and Verse
Draw inspiration from classical Chinese landscape paintings and explore connections between poetry and visual expression.

Daily Sketch: Skyline (Part 1)
Craft your own cityscape with everyday materials like boxes and cans. As you sketch and rearrange, your city evolves before your eyes.

Daily Sketch: Skyline (Part 2)
Have you ever marveled at the silhouette of a city skyline? Now, create your own against the backdrop of a radiant window! Build with boxes and cans, then sketch their outlines against the luminous sky. Let your imagination run free as you bring your urban landscape to life.

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