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  • Case Study: Hidden Voices

    Collagraph Printmaking In this 8-lesson unit, students looked at a variety of works of art created by American artists with disabilities that show a range…

  • Case Study: Puppetry

    In this 8-Lesson Unit, Belinda and her class explore facial features and draw imaginary portraits, invent characters to explore emotions and then create paper clay…

  • Case Study: Drawing Imaginary Plants

    In this 6-lesson unit for 3rd-5th grade, Traci and her class explore line and shape, discover oil pastels, learn to draw natural objects and plants…

  • peach background with blue jay on top of brown square with orange and white confetti


    Artist Instructor Gail Molnar 2nd Grade Class Update

    Have you spotted any striking birds this autumn? In Studio NYC Artist Instructor Gail Molnar’s 2nd grade class, students were taught to look closely at…

  • 2 kids with dark skin painting chicken heads at a school


    Drastic Budget Cuts

    Art Education Matters! Did you know in 2022 NYC schools experienced drastic budget cuts, directly affecting access to art education? Studio in a School is…