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Case Study: Hidden Voices

Collagraph Printmaking

In this 8-lesson unit, students looked at a variety of works of art created by American artists with disabilities that show a range of approaches to portraiture and the figure. Students then created a full body collagraph print of a person they admire that conveys their individuality through pose, facial expression, and details.

Artists can use collage techniques to create collagraph prints of someone they admire.

Lesson 1 (Part 2): Facial Features And Expressions Collage

Lesson 2: Drawing a Portrait

Lesson 3: Drawing Action Poses

Lesson 4: Creating a Printing Plate Part 1: Facial Features

Lesson 5: Creating a Printing Plate Part 2: Body and Pose

Lesson 8: Making Collagraph Prints


Hidden Voices Collagraph Printmaking

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