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Weather, Seasons, and Shadows

Charles Burchfield, Night of the Equinox, 1917-1955, watercolor, brush and ink, gouache, and charcoal on paper, 40 1⁄8 x 52 1⁄8 in.

In this post, you’ll find activities centered around weather, seasons, and shadows—the dynamic changes of the natural world. 
In these activities, we emphasize the importance of close observation, from shifting weather patterns to transitions between night and day. Through developing observational skills, students cultivate a deeper appreciation for the world around them and a heightened sense of curiosity and inquiry.  

Exploring Line and Weather: Compare and Contrast Mood 
How can lines and shades vividly capture different types of weather? What feelings does weather evoke? In this lesson, you’ll use your five senses to explore, then draw a variety of weather patterns. 

Daily Sketch: How is the Night Different from the Day? 
Step into the mysteries of the night and explore how colors shift, shapes transform, and hidden wonders emerge after sunset.  

Drawing: Light and Shadow 
Explore the mesmerizing interplay of light and darkness and discover how artists use shadows to add depth, drama, and mood to their work. Then, create and draw your own shadows using everyday objects. 
Daily Sketch: Shadows out your Window 
Discover dynamic shadows just outside your window! In this activity, you’ll sketch the changing shapes of shadows created by nearby buildings or objects, observing their transformation throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.