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Learning to Use Scissors Grades K-5

Scissors are our friends if we use them correctly and follow safety rules. Scissors are a tool for cutting paper. We can use them, along with our imagination, to create many different kinds of paper shapes!

Before cutting paper, try opening and closing the scissors – it’s good practice! It may be a little difficult in the beginning but you will get better. While you move the scissors you can say “open shut, open shut, that’s the way we cut, cut, cut!”

We want to be safe when using scissors! When we open the scissors, they look like a bird opening its mouth. The part that opens is sharp so we need to be careful. Scissors are only for cutting paper or string. They are not for cutting hair, clothes or pointing at anyone!

We carry scissors by holding the pointy part of the “bird” closed in our hand.And we also give someone scissors by grasping the “bird’s closed mouth” in the palm of our hand.

With an adult, you can practice walking with scissors and passing them to someone else.

Once you feel comfortable moving the scissors try cutting a piece of paper! Hold the paper with your free hand, then with your scissor hand open the scissors. Push the paper until it is in the back of the “mouth of the bird.” Then close the scissors to cut the paper.

To continue cutting, open the scissors pushing them forward into the paper.
It will help if you use the saying: “open shut, open shut, that’s the way we cut, cut, cut!” 

Remember, with practice your hand will get stronger and you will get better and better!