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Lesson 6: Imaginary Pet Sculptures


We will make the large shapes needed for a clay animal. Students will be able to pinch and pull and score and smooth to start building animal sculptures.

Grade Level



Drawing, Clay, Sculpture

  • Unit & Lessons
  • Teaching Tools


  • Clay
  • Foam trays
  • Damp sponges
  • Plastic forks
  • Ziploc bags
  • Resource: animal photos, Terracotta zoomorphic askos (vessel) with antlers, Cypriot, from the Met collection


Step 1

Look at Terracotta zoomorphic askos (vessel) with antlers and notice shapes. Discuss why the artist made the shapes this way.

Step 2

Look at animal photos and drawings and notice shapes.

Step 3

Demonstrate making clay shapes for an animal and then firmly attaching the shapes.

Step 4

Demonstrate making thick forms so they won’t break.

Step 5

Have students make and attach the shapes for their animal.

Step 6

Save in Ziploc bags.


Read aloud Frida Kahlo And Her Animalitos. Students will start developing a fairy tale about their animals.

Writing Prompt (Optional):

Students will write about their clay animal. They will think about a name, what their animal looks like, and where it lives.


Pinch and pull, body, head, legs


Photos of animals

Terracotta zoomorphic askos (vessel) with antlers, ca. 1725-1600 BC, Cypriot, terracotta, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Frida and her Animalitos by Monica Brown (Author) and John Parra (Illustrator)