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Lesson 5: Inventing an Imaginary Plant


Large Shapes

Students will take distinct characteristics from plants around the world, and combine or exaggerate features to invent their own imaginary plant.

Grade Level

2 & 3


Drawing / Oil Pastels


Imaginary Plants

Big Idea

Artists are inspired by the world around them.

Essential Question

How is drawing from imagination different than drawing from observation?

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Materials and Tools

  • Grey pastel paper
  • White charcoal pencil
  • Oil pastels

Step 1

Students will combine or exaggerate distinct features from plants around the world to invent an imaginary plant of their own.

Step 2

Students will start with the largest shapes of their plant.

Step 3

Students will color-mix and fill in the large areas of their drawing.

Reflection Questions for Discussion

  • What lines, shapes, details and colors did you use in your drawing?
  • What distinctive features did you add to your plant?
  • How did you make your plant imaginary?


Imaginary, Exaggerate, Repeat


Luigi Serafini. From Codex Seraphinianus. 1981