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Lesson 2: Torn-Paper Collage


We will make a collage from torn-paper shapes and glue. Students will be able to make shapes by tearing paper, trying out different arrangements of shapes, and gluing shapes using a brush.

Grade Level



Printmaking, Drawing, Collage, Mural

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  • Teaching Tools


  • Colored paper
  • Glue in cups
  • Brushes


Step 1

Discuss changing paper using our hands as tools.

Step 2

Demonstrate tearing different shapes, exploring different ways of arranging pieces, then gluing them.

Step 3

Have students tear shapes, explore different arrangements, then glue.


Students will look closely at their collage and turn it around in different directions. They will discuss the following questions:

What do the shapes in your collage remind you of? 
How do the shapes change as you turn your paper?

Writing Prompt (Optional):

Students will choose two shapes in their collage and answer the following question:
How could you describe each shape?

Write a sentence for each shape, using the following sentence starter:
One shape is _____.
The other shape is _____.
Example: One shape is long and bumpy and has a curved line.

Sketchbook Prompt (Optional):

Students will draw both shapes in their sketchbook.
What do they remind you of? 
Label them using words from the word bank.


Collage, tear, geometric shapes, next to, underneath, overlap


Geometric shapes chart

Organic shapes chart