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Lesson 1: Planning the Mural and Drawing Animals


We will sketch an animal from reference, noticing lines, shapes, patterns, and textures. Students will understand what a mural is and how they can work together to create one. Students will notice, then draw, the lines, shapes, patterns, and textures of different animals.

Grade Level



Drawing, Collage, Painting

  • Unit & Lessons
  • Teaching Tools


  • Ebony drawing pencils
  • White drawing paper – 9 x 12”
  • Resource: color photos of animals


Step 1

Discuss what a mural is and choose a habitat for the class mural.

Step 2

Look at animal photos from this habitat and notice the lines and shapes that make up different animals.

Step 3

Have students draw a chosen animal, focusing on line, shape, pattern, texture, and drawing large.


Students will talk and write about how they drew their animal.

What animal did you draw?
What lines did you use to draw your animal? 
What shapes did you use?
What kind of pattern or texture did you notice?

Sketchbook Prompt (Optional):

Look at your animal drawing. What patterns or textures did you draw?

Draw two large rectangles in your sketchbook. 
Draw a pattern or texture from your animal in each, filling the rectangle completely. 
Draw only the pattern or texture that repeats, not the animal itself.


Mural, habitat, sketch, pattern, texture


Photos of animals