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Collage Masks


In this activity, you will tear shapes to make a collage mask.

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  • Video
  • Slide Deck
  • Teaching Guide


  • Different colored paper
  • Glue in a cup
  • A craft stick


What is a mask? We can wear a mask to pretend to be a different character.

Let’s make shapes to make our own mask. How can we change the paper to make different shapes? We can tear the paper using our hands.

Let’s make the shape of the head. You can make any shape you want!​

To make an oval, you can tear each of the corners off your paper.

What should we add next? Let’s add the eyes!​

What shape will you make? What color will you use?​

Will you add pupils to the middle of the eyes?

​What shape will you use for the nose? To make a long nose, you can tear a strip of paper.

The mouth is important because it shows an expression, or what someone is feeling.​

What shape will you use for the mouth? What expression will it show?

What other details will you add?​

You can add ears, hair, or anything else that you want.

When you have all the shapes for your mask, then you can use the glue to attach them. ​

Dip, dip, dip the stick into the glue.​
Wipe, wipe, wipe the drip on the edge of the cup.​
Spread, spread, spread the glue onto each shape. ​

Then, press each shape down where it was.​


Now it’s time to share your mask! You can use a different voice if you want. ​

Use these prompts to start:​

My name is __________.  ​

I like to _____________.  ​

I feel _______________.


Collage Masks

Written by Andrea Burgay, Associate Director​

Lesson Development

Julie Applebaum, Senior Director​

Sassy Kohlmeyer, Director of Early Childhood Programs​

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