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Daily Sketch: Personal Still Life

When artists draw a still life, they select objects carefully. For example, they could be things they think are important, beautiful, interesting or useful. They also carefully consider how to place the objects for an engaging composition, or arrangement.

Every still life has a story!

Today you will create your own personal still life. Look around your home and select three related objects. Choose objects that mean something to you, or perhaps things that you use.

Now set up your still life with these objects. Try arranging them in various ways. Notice their positions to each other. Pay attention to the space between your objects.

Draw the entire still life from observation. Include as many details as you wish.

You can also think of a story about these objects and write about it. It can be fiction, from your imagination, or it can be a non-fiction story.

COMPOSITION: the arrangement of elements; how parts are organized.

STILL LIFE: a still-life is a picture of objects that are not moving. You are drawing from life. The objects are still.

Prompt by Robin Holder
Photo by Aruni Dharmakirthi