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Daily Sketch: Design a Mural

Murals are artworks painted directly onto a wall. You can find them both inside and outside. Some of our earliest known artworks are murals in caves that are over 40,00 years old! Have you ever seen a mural in your neighborhood?

Artists paint murals to beautify their neighborhoods and to tell stories about their communities. Is there a place in your neighborhood where you could imagine a mural? Is it a park with a playground, your school or a library? What kind of mural would you design for that place? Would it be full of colors and shapes, or would it have pictures that tell a story? 

Plan your mural by making two drawings, showing your space before and after your mural is painted. Use pencil or colored pencils so you can show details. How has your mural changed your space? How will people feel when they see it?

Photo by Andrea Burgay