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Playhouse and Playground


You will make a playhouse or playground from different materials around your home.

Grade Level




Theme/ Big Idea

We can change paper in different ways to create 3D forms.

Essential Questions

How can we create a playhouse or playground from imagination? How can we make 3D forms with thick and thin papers?


  • Slide Deck

Materials and Tools

  • Thick and thin strips of paper​
  • Cardboard base​
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Pencil or marker​ (optional)


Step 1

Collect and prepare strips of thin and thick paper. =

Step 2

Find a large sturdy cardboard for a base. (Cut a piece from a box or use a folder.)

Step 3

Roll a piece of paper. Look at your form. Imagine what it could be.​

Fold a paper. Look at it, flip it over. Imagine what it could be. A tent? A roof? Walls?​

Fold a zig zag and look at it. Imagine what it could be. Stairs? Flowing water?

Step 4

Stack the forms, look at them and imagine what it could be.​

What do you want in your playhouse or playground?​

Step 5

Use your base and imagine it as ground. ​

Arrange your folded and curled forms. Stack and balance them.

Try standing a form and leaning it against another form.
it against another form.

  • ​How can you make a wall?​
  • How can you make more floors?​
  • How can you make a tunnel?​
  • How can you make a see saw?​
  • How can you make stairs?​
  • How can you make a bridge?​

Step 6

Take a photo of your finished artwork and share it on!

Pieces can also go around or inside.


What parts did you make for your playhouse/playground? ​

How did you make them? (zig zag, curved, flat strip of paper, twisted, etc.)​

I made a _________ see saw _________  with  _________ a zigzag form on top of a curved tunnel form.​

​I made a _________ with _______________.​

Isamu Noguchi, Playscapes, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA, 1976.


Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi, Playscapes, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA, 1976.

Isamu Noguchi, Playground equipment for Ala Moana Park, Hawaii, 1940.


Paper Sculpture: Playhouse and Playground
Written by Cynthia Chen, Artist Instructor

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